Waves Mercury Bundle

Waves Mercury Bundle 5.0

Waves Mercury Bundle offers over 90 processors and 250 plug-ins
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Waves Ltd. is one of the world´s biggest developers and suppliers of software-based audio signal processing tools and its Waves Mercury Bundle is a comprehensive collection that offers the incredible amount of over 90 processors and more than 250 plug-ins divided into the different components. These processors consist of modules intended to perform professional audio processing.
The Waves Mercury Bundle package has the new Waves V-Series of EQ vintage emulation and compression/limitation.It also presents MaxxVolume,an unbelievable and comprehensive dynamics processor. The Wave Mercury collection includes entire Diamond package; the famous L-Series Ultramaximizers and Multimaximizers.
Mercury also brings the surround 5.1 360° Surround Tools processors collection, pitch Waves Tune correction and the Transformation plug-in, as well as the DeBreath, a breathing noise reduction processor. IR1 and IR360 convolution parametric reberb and the advanced Z-Noise noise reducer are also included.
With Mercury you also get Renaissance signal processors, as well as Q-Clone, for hardware equalization modeling.
The Mercury Collection offers more effects, more channel component, more mixdown tools and more processors than ever in a single bundle.
The Mercury Collection is the most complete plug-ins collection Waves Ltd. has ever offered till now. This collection is available in both versions, TDM and Native and it is fully compatible with Pro Tools 7.

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